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Accession # Object name Title Description
1967.0197.0002 cruet   This cruet is made of clear glass. It is plain except for two rings of a simple flattened design on the top and on the bottom of the middle part. height: 18.4 cm glass
1967.0197.0006 cruet stand   This caster has an ornamental band on its base and a narrower ornamental band on the part which supports the cruets The upper vertical part is very ornamental. It has five holes, 5.5 cm in diameter, to accommodate five cruets. The manufacturer's name and symbol is stamped on the cruet support part. Most of the words are not legible; the words "THE CROMWELL", and "TRIPLE PLATE" are legible. height: 44.5 cm, circumference: 60.3 cm widest part - cruet support metal; plated metal, silver
1968.0106.0018 knife   green-coloured, wooden handle
1968.0113.0001 dictating machine   Sole Manufacturers; s/n 6842 AX.; Mod. A. Type 10 X
1968.0144.0002 dress   bottom part of dress only; brown
1968.0185.0014a plate   Blue ribbon pattern on edge ceramic
1968.0186.0003 stick   wooden stick
1970.0104.0060 bottle   glass
1970.0104.0061 bottle   glass
1970.0104.0063 bottle   glass
1970.0107.0004b bottle    
1970.0107.0004d bottle   label: Brium Nitrate
1970.0131.0007a bottle   apothecary
1979.0277.0005 photographic print   interior of the ice cream parlour run by the Mather girls in Fort Steele
1980.0126.0003 pitcher   white enamel
1980.0146.0001.5 lamp   lamp base; white glass handpainted in turquoise, green, yellow and plum; leaves and fruit
1981.0014.0291 lamp   brass lamp body, used on a ship, it bolts to the wall and moves as the ship moves, goes with FS.1981.14.292-296
1981.0014.0346 jug   brown ceramic glass
1981.0014.0396 jug   brown ceramic
1982.0024.0002 plate   black tin, rectangular, measures 36.2 cm X 25.7 cm
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