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Fullname City Phone Email Accessions Deceased
Albey, Joe Richmond 353-2572  
Alexander, D W Nelson      
Allan, Mr. and Mrs. J Prince George      
Allen Patten Victoria, 250 380 3066  
Anderson, Andy Prince George      
Anderson, Mrs. E Prince George      
Atwood, Bea Prince George      
Backward, Patrick Calgary      
Baher, M C Victoria      
Baignault, Wilf Prince George      
Bake, C N Canal Flats      
Balmer, Ben J Elko      
Banbury, Fred and Elaine Prince George 250-426-7948    
Bandall, R T Calgary      
Barr, Isa Nanaimo      
Bear, Barry        
Beavies, L Burnaby      
Bennett, Mrs. Krety Prince George      
Berger, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Prince George      
Bills, Bev Kimberley 250- 427-7014    
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