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It is a Collections Database

HERA2 is a Microsoft Access database evolved in ten years of use in the BC Heritage branch and other BC Museums. You can download this database here.

It is a web site

The HERA2 database can be accessed as a web site to manage your collections. You don't have to build a site around your collections; they are immediately available for viewing, editing, or adding from anywhere depending on your password. This universal access allows you to use volunteers to work on your collection even while they are at home.

As you see it, HERA2 is built into an advanced Content Management system. Not only is the collections database searchable, but the entire site can have other content (documents, images, files) that can also be searched and displayed. You can link to HERA2 to from anywhere.

Cataloguing is simple

HERA2 has simplified the 400+ fields from the original CHIN Data Dictionary into a small number of object description fields, and the ability to add any other kind of associated information.

HERA2 also fits archival documentation needs, recording collections using the multi-level descriptions required by RAD.

Password Controlled

The owner of the database can configure any part of it to be password controlled. Generally, anonymous browsers can only view records, and to edit a record you will require a password.

Built-in forms

Catalogue Sheet, Accession Register and Certificate of Gift reports are all included as part of the web interface, and can be printed out for hard-copy records.

Image storage and display

Any number of images, linked to collections or not, can be added to the site. Collections records can be linked to images.