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2004/09/15 Set edit add and delete forms to be viewed only by manager.

2004/04/08 People browse with accessions didn't work - disabled for now. Also changed Certificate of Gift to use Title of HERA2 folder rather than "Organization".


  • Management folder with updateable lists for location, condition;
  • Make only donors show up in Accession search form.
  • Maybe have filter buttons by Association type for lists of people.
  • make length of lists optional so long lists can print on a single page

2004/3/17 Changed people search to show accessions, and to indicate deceased as Yes.

2004/03/11 Added drop-downs for Association Type and Person in Associations. Changed the Title var to OTitle to avoid conflicts with built-in variable.

2004/02/25 Fixed some problems with the People table editing.

HERA2 was originally created in 2003, and released as v1.0 in November, 2003.