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The key features of HERA2 are its web interface and simple cataloguing. The web interface means you can enter and access data from any computer with an Internet connection.

HERA2 simplifies cataloguing by breaking it into four levels: People have attributes; People make donations (Accessions); Accessions consist of Objects; Objects have Associations. In archival terms, this multi-level description can be labelled the Fonds, Series, and Item, and Subjects associated with the Item.


People or groups (such as companies) have attributes that are the same no matter what the relationship to your cataloguing. People and organizations are tracked and documented separately from the collections that they may have created, contributed, or curated.


People donate, find, purchase, or create objects in museum collections. When they do this, the resulting Accession is recorded as an event with a specific attributes such as the date, and the list of objects donated. Information about the person is recorded separately. In an archives, each of these groups is a Series. Information about the objects (items) is recorded in detail in the Object Description and Object Associations.

Object Descriptions

The descriptive section of the object record provides details about the object, its identification, location, and condition.

Object Associations

Every object has conceptual associations that are not apparent from the object itself: creator, users, uses, other objects, images of the object, associated dates.

Technical Details

View a technical diagram of the systems involved in HERA2(requires special permissions).