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by Cliff Quinn last modified Sep 01, 2014 08:57 PM

Enfold Desktop Client

The Enfold Desktop Windows client adds drag and drop functionality to your Plone site by integrating with Windows file manager, and allows you to manipulate files on your Plone site with ease. Thanks to Plone innovators Enfold Systems.

Old Novell WebDav Client

netdrive.exe provides Windows Explorer access to webdav by mapping the webdav server to a drive letter. This is old, unsupported software that was once freely distributed on the Novell site.

Windows Server 2003 Utilities

uptime.exe is self-explanatory. Probably runs on XP.

Word and Excel File Converters

Microsoft's current Office version (2010) has changed the native file format of its programs. Since this means you can't read documents produced by these programs with old versions of Office, they have also provided a conversion program you can install to allow previous version of Word and Excel to read these docx and xlsx files. Download the file format converter. Read more about this at the Microsoft site.

Open Source

fishAbility supports and encourages Open Source products, the way of the future for software. This site is built using Plone, a Content Management system built in Zope.

The strength of Open Source comes from the participants. Here are some of the Open Source products we use and support.

Linux is a free, reliable, secure Unix-type operating system originally created by Linus Torvalds. In addition to being cost-effective, it is constantly being updated and refined with the latest technologies. We use the Debian distribution of Linux, specifically Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system suitable for both desktop and server use. It is freely available with both community and professional support, and "just works" out of the box.

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database, recognized for its speed and reliability.

OpenOffice is the open source project through which Sun Microsystems is releasing the technology for the popular StarOffice productivity suite.

Plone is a leading content management system that combines great ease of use with a powerful workflow engine and the industry's first standards compliant templating system. Plone is powered by Zope and Python.

Check out an overview at:

TightVNC is an improved version of VNC, a free, cross-platform, remote desktop package. It allows you to control your computer remotely over TCP/IP networks. It offers many new features, improvements, and bug fixes over the standard VNC, and allows more configuration options in the GUI. TightVNC can be used to perform remote administration tasks in Windows, Unix, and mixed network environments. Also, it can be useful in distant learning and remote customer support.

Zope is a free, open source web application platform used for building high-performance, dynamic web sites. It contains a powerful and simple scripting object model, and a high-performance, integrated object database.

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