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Plone Themes

by Cliff Quinn last modified Jun 21, 2010 03:32 PM

There are many Plone themes available, but it's often not easy to compare the visual features. Here's a gallery of Plone themes that appeal to me or that I've used for clients and links to the source.

Keep it Simple Theme - one of my favourites now for Plone 4. I like the ability to change the Title and byline as text. From Mentes.
XTheme for Plone 4. From Mentes.
Labs Theme an installable basic inranet Theme for Plone 4.
Subskins dynamic theme by Medialog. Subskins is a (very) configurable theme and a theming tool. Hopefully, people without any design / css skill should be able to compose their own theme. Plone 4.
Algol Theme. Maybe only Beta. Not compatible with IE.

Plone 3 Themes

TechLight Plone Theme an installable Quintagroup Theme for Plone 3
Sunrain Plone Theme an installable Quintagroup Theme for Plone 3
FreePort Theme for Plone 3 from Doesn't have a buildout install.
Tranquility Theme by Heddex Design.
Collective Fantasy Theme. Dynamic Theme by AW Solutions.
Arctic Theme. Quintagroup Theme for Plone 3.3
Inventions Theme. Menttes Theme for Plone 3.35. complicated install with lots of dependencies
LIte Theme in blue. Quintagroup Theme for Plone 3.3
Cleantheme Plone Theme. Quintagroup Theme for Plone 3.
Green Earth Theme. Groundwire Theme for Plone 3
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